Kirby's Design and Inspection Services

Kirby Ryland, B. Tech, CET

House Plans

Existing Plans can be modified as per customer request at a cost of $0.40 per sq ft for main floors and $0.25 per sq ft for basement areas and attached garages. 

The cost for new plans is $0.50 per sq ft for main floors and $0.35 per sq ft for basement areas and attached garages.

Free quotations available for renovation projects.
All Plans include:

  • Floor Plans
  • Elevation Plans
  • Foundation Plans
  • Wall Sections and Details
  • Window and Door Schedule
  • Construction Specifications

All Plans are designed to Part 9 of the NBC
Plans can be emailed in PDF format or Printed on 11x17 Paper plus shipping cost.
Square Feet


Square Feet


Square Feet